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Meta support are trying to SCAM me.

Level 7
I have a game that no longer downloads: Rockband VR.
I have tried:
  1. Multiple computers
  2. Multiple networks
  3. Multiple operating systems - various windows 10 releases and windows 11.
The only thing that worked, was getting another Oculus user to log into my desktop and download the game with this account - This worked, now I know my pc, home network and my windows 10 22h1 install is solid.
But when I log into the software, it attemps to download DLC and fails. The game is now unplayable as it is stuck in an update loop. If I delete the game, log on with the other account, again I can download and play the vanilla tracks.
So I have to conclude this is due to DLC that I am unable to download.
I've been trying since June to resolve this. I have been begging Oculus support to remove the DLC, or the game and the DLC so I can purchase it vanilla again. I want to TEST this.
They don't want to do this. They keep offering to close the case and provide a $30 store credit.
Let's see. I paid $49 for the game. Then grabbed a $40 guitar controller, another $40 more or less in DLC over the last couple of years.
Sorry, but no deal.
I want to troubleshoot this further but these guys just want me to take the store credit and be silent.