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Microphone barely audible in recordings


Hi there, I record gameplay videos and suddenly the microphone is barely audible. It worked fine a couple days ago, but all of a sudden my voice is super super quiet. Is there a chance of a defect, or has there been any changes to the microphone? Last video I recorded with proper audio was on december 7th. yesterday on 20th december I recorded a new video and audio was gone.


Hi @MetaQuestSupport, I have same problem. Mic is fine in all app and game, I try factory reset, and it's not helped. I think it's a bug, And It's a FATAL bug. So please make a priority for this issue in next update. 

Hey there! We hate to hear that you're experiencing difficulties with your Microphone while recording a video. We understand how crucial it is to get this issue resolved quickly so you can continue capturing memories and streaming smoothly. Don't worry, we're here to help you every step of the way. To further address this issue, let's continue the conversation in our private messaging section.  You can get there by selecting our name to get to our profile page, or click here. Next, click "Send a Message" to privately message us! Please remember, you must be signed into the community first to send us a private message. We'll be looking forward to hearing back from you.

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Perfect! Our team has received your private message. We will be following up with you shortly!

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Hello, i’m KuroXx, and I've been having an issue like this forever now. Ever since I've been trying to hear myself in already recorded videos it doesn't work, but while I'm recording everyone around me can be heard except me. This is really starting to annoy me because i have been trying to start a YouTube channel, and its Kind of  impossible if nobody can hear me. Its not my mics fault, my oculus is up to date, and everyone else can hear me talk but not my headset. Now i dont care about how you solve this other than a factory reset, but please, fix it somehow. Also if you want me to show you an example, i was playing gorilla tag, the on,y instance it doesn't work in (my mic) and all my audio didn't come out AT ALL.

Hello, I have a issue that my microphone doesn't record while I'm recording a video, I don't know why does it do that because it worked before so I need help to fix it.


Best of luck



I found that the first recording after restarting the Quest 3 always picks up the microphone audio, but after that there's no guarantee, so I've been restarting my headset before each recording. There's also sometimes a microphone audio delay from the in-game audio, but I don't know any workaround to fix it. Sometimes it's fine and sometimes it's not.

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I can talk to people in games and all but when i record and put my voice ON and i watch the footage after my voice aint there.

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I am having this issue in PCVR over a link cable on my Quest 3. Voice recordings are hopelessly quiet and are barely being picked up by my PC. There are no options to boost the mic from the windows settings either. Please provide a fix or let me know if there's a better section for this problem.

Hey there, @Whittikay. We see you're reporting losing mic quality when using PCVR. It's fun to be able to record and share our VR adventures, so we're happy to get to the bottom of this. Generally, PCVR using your PC settings. Here's a few trouble shooting steps you can try.


  1. Re-seat the USB cable and headset cable
  2. Try another USB 3.0 port
  3. Disconnect any additional microphones
  4. Exit any additional applications that record audio
  5. Set the headset as the default Windows communication device

Please let us know if this helps with your mic quality!

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Hello, none of these things worked.

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