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Mini DP to HDMI adapter compatibility for VR ready laptop

Level 2
Hi everyone~

I've setup a CV1 on my VR ready laptop which model is BOSSMONSTER EX76XG ONE15 same model with Eon17-SLX in whole last week but failed to set it up.
The laptop has 1 hdmi and 2 mini-DP ports and if I connect it through HDMI, it shows screen with crazy flicker with noise seems like a noisy CRT TV.
Have anyone got a similar issue with me?

So, I need to check passive mini-DP to HDMI adapters up for resolve this issue. (Actually, I was connect it with active DP adapter but, it shows red noised screen)
Cyberreality mentioned that below adapter is working fine, but it has standard displayport connector.

And below adapter is having a mini-DP connector and same brand what I found.

Please let me know and help me if anyone using it (mini-DP to HDMI adapter) or knows about that.

Level 5
why are you trying an adapter? why not just get a mini dp to hdmi cable?

I used one for a while with a DK2 with no issues. 

Level 2

DK2 has an own standard HDMI port on the body but CV1 doesn't.
A CV1 has a removable cable which included HDMI and USB assembled in one line on the body, and it has customized port, not a HDMI.
I will check it what you recommended cable up with HDMI extend adapter tomorrow.

Level 15
@jkwyi I think the Cable Matters cable you linked to should work.
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