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Missing option to Live Stream on Facebook



Hope you are all well and safe.

I have both a Quest 2 and Quest 3. Both have the latest OS/Firmware version available installed (says there is no updates when I check in settings).  My Question is:  How do I go live on Facebook?  When I go in to the Camera App there is no go live showing up only the normal take picture, video or cast.  I have read online that you need to have your Facebook account linked to your headset.  On both headsets when I go in to accounts both my Meta and Facebook accounts show up.  Can someone tell me what I'm doing wrong please?  Many thanks in advance for any help given.


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Meta Quest Support
Meta Quest Support

Hey everyone, I have some great news to share! I may be pretty late on updating my answer so I do apologize. 

It looks like our team has brought back Facebook Livestreaming in the recent v62 update! All you'll need to do is link your Facebook account to your Accounts Center.

Afterwards, it should be as easy as clicking Camera from the universal menu (Press the Meta Quest button on the right controller) and choosing 'Go Live.'

If you're not able to go live immediately after linking your Facebook, don't worry! You can restart your headset so it gets a fresh read of your account information.

If you're still having some troubles streaming, double check to make sure your headset is up to date and then I recommend Reporting a problem on Meta Quest that'll go straight to the engineers for them to review. 

Sometimes it's okay to be a little Bing Chilling

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Having the same issue, wish I could get in touch with support about this...


Same here. It's an account issue again! Had the same happening when they launched the extra camera settings. 

Hey! I just fixed it, the v59 update just rolled out to me and isn't an update that just rolls in. You must update to v59, have the Facebook apps installed, then restart your headset and it should work

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Yeah it appears to be a total crap shoot it.  I've got 59, I've got the FB app installed. I've restarted many times. No way to livestream to FB. It's kinda infuriating cause there's no way to tell if it's bug, or just a rollout thing but it's been "rolling out" for like 4+ months so that seems like it's not it. Honestly totally unprofessional deployment of a feature. 

Totally agree, wish meta pushed out updates as a bulk

No, doesn't work for me 🙂


Still no fix.  Latest OS installed, all the meta apps installed (even if i don't want them installed) and still no Go Live function.  Says a lot about a company if they have a feature that works fine then remove it then bring it back so that it only works for a handful of people.

From what I understand, v59 must be installed a second time, there are two versions of v59 that are publicity available, plus Facebook(beta), Instagram(beta), and Facebook watch need to be installed

Hey Limbs7,  How do you install v59 again if you already have it installed?  I have all the other Meta Apps installed. 

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