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Mobile app not connecting

Honored Guest

So this is a problem that we’ve been experiencing for quite some time now. My girlfriend and I both have our own Quest 2 headsets and the Meta app to go with them. We have run into the issue in the past of the app not allowing us to sign into our accounts because of a endlessly cycling set of browser pages that tell us to sign in through different means (Facebook, email, etc); however, we resolved the issue back when the oculus was updated for Meta by creating new meta accounts. Now, we were running into issues with the app not properly syncing or downloading our recorded clips and found on the forums to try deleting and reinstalling the app to fix the problem. But, now that we’ve done that, we are thrown right back into the “endless login loop” that I described before. We’ve once again tried uninstalling and reinstalling the app to hopefully fix this new issue and nothing seems to be working. We’ve tried using a different web browser thinking there was an issue with the one the app provided when logging in to no avail. We have had countless issues with the app and login on the headsets themselves, not to mention there is no account information displayed within the account tab in the quest itself, so we can’t even view the information used to log in. This is incredibly frustrating and disappointing that the product we’ve spent so much money on is nearly unusable. If anyone has any info/experience that might help it would be greatly appreciated! We just want to be able to use the app!


Community Manager
Community Manager

Oh no, @Reprocate! We don't like to hear you are having trouble with the Meta mobile app. We can definitely understand how app issues can take time away from your VR experience. We wouldn't want our customers to have anything less than a stellar VR experience, so we'd be thrilled to take a look into this issue for you.


Please send us a PM so we can assist you further. To do so, please select our name to get to our profile page, or click here. Next, click "Send a Message" to privately message us! Please remember, you must be signed into the community first to send us a private message.

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Heroic Explorer

It is not a loop - it bad coding by Meta 😉
I had this loop for while last year.
And it happened after updating the app.

Meta did not bother, like other developers, to put the things required for authentication and logins into their fancy app.
Instead they call the Meta authenticator website through and aplet of sorts that gives a less than minimalistic website in a page on the phone.
From there the authetication code that got verified is sent back the app.
Problem is that by far not all mobile browsers and operating systems handle these weird requests properly.

The reasons are plentyful 😞
Can be the security settings of your browser, the permissions for app or some nice virus- and malware defender running in the background to protect you.
For some reason it seems to be a little bit lees of a problem if mobile data is used rather than the home wifi.
Once logged in you can switch to wifi.
For me the problem was solved by using my old Nexus 7 for all Quest needs.
Only has Wifi and uses a secure connection.
On top of that I use a secure browser with black- and whitelists.
I think I had to add 6 or 7 services on various Meta servers to my whitelist, including the Meta 'trackers' that is.
With that I have not experienced login issues ever since, but if try my phone on occasion I still get these loops or it failed to work with the app gone and restarting when selecting it from the task manager.
I often wonder why a user has to basically give up all privacy first so that Meta can then ensure the user's privacy won't be compromised....
Imagine half this efford on the other Meta platforms like Whatsapp, Instagram or Facebook !?
But they are flooded by scammers, criminals and people phishing for your details with the famous Meta support unwilling to address the issue and refusing to remove reported scam and spam accounts for good.
Report a problem and Meta does their best to keep a lid on it LOL

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi there, @Reprocate! We're reaching out to check back in on that login issue you were reporting earlier. Do you still need assistance getting into your account? If so, be sure to send us a PM here and we'll be glad to look into this for you! We're eager to hear back from you! 

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