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Multi-lines like Saturn the planet

Level 3


 Hard reset didn't fix this 

  • I was able to screen cast through my mobile device App
  • Drained the battery, recharged and nothing 

Any suggestions?


Level 3

Now after two days, the lines are gone and the headset appears off although I can hear everything. So disappointing!

Hey there! We are glad the display issues are gone. It sounds like the headset was not properly turned of.


This can be resolved by holding the power button on the headset for 30 seconds and then select turn off on the boot menu that appears. 


Please let us know if your display issue comes back, or you have any additional questions or concerns you would like to talk about.

The headset is not working 


  • I just hear the sound but I cannot see anything 

Prese help

Hello again. We understand how the black screen can be concerning, but we want to let you know we are here to help you.


Can you perform a factory reset HERE with the steps from the phone. 


If that doesn't work, we recommend you reach out to Support HERE for that one on one attention.