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Multi player on Beat Saber


My sister and I both loved playing multi player on beat saber but had to stop in 2022/2023 due to health issues.  We decided to start up again in 2024 and multi player is no there.. How do we play multi player games? 


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Look down.... the version number is written in the feet on the floor. 

But I think, we don't need the number anymore.

The game just looks different to what you are used to. It changed since you played last time.

Just select's the multiplayer😁


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Hi @SassyLinda 🙂

What do you mean "multiplayer is not there"?

I play almost every day in multiplayer, it's still there.

What game version do you have?


Whatever the newest upgrade they made us do😕

It would be good to know if you are really on the newest version.....the number is 1.34.2

Other question.....have you modded the game?

If I remember correctly, with the Quest version of the game, you can either have modifications or multiplayer, but not both at the same time.

It was probably modded.. How do you on mod it and what does mod do?  

If you mod the game you can download custom songs, have different sabers and many other things.
Since you didn't know about this, I'm assuming your game wasn't modified.
I've only modded my PC version of the game, but never the Quest version, so I can't tell you how to mod Quest... Google knows😁

But actually that's not your problem, right?
You want to play multiplayer, so we should try to figure out why you don't have it anymore.

Do you tell me your game version??

I'm not with my oculus right now... I can get that to you this evening.  I can also see what all it says where the multi player should be when I go onto the game

If we did end up downloading mod, can we still be on and talk together while we are playing beat saber? 

As I far as I know you can not play multiplayer when you mod the game on the Quest.

I'm sorry... How do I find the version number... I have looked and can't see anything 


The section where it used to say multi player now has a sections that says


Name of band group (I think this is where the multi player was... Is that still it?)


Campaign party

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