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Multiplayer games are not working

Honored Guest

So I was playing gorilla tag (a multiplayer game) and the next day I get on and I can’t go into a public server and everyone else can play it. Meta, the other games I have don’t work either as well. I’m not banned. I can still use stuff and buy stuff it’s just the multiplayer aspect. The oculus is updated and every games as well. The only game I can use is rec room. I have factory reset my oculus when it happened but it still doesn’t work and I uninstalled and reinstalled all the games but it doesn’t work. I have tried looking into it but no one had the same problem and they all had a fix to it. Can you please help I might just throw my oculus away sense I can’t even use it anymore. What should I do?



Hi @Deathkiller1894 🙂

You said, you can play rec room....this is also a multiplayer game.

Sure, that you are not banned on Gorilla tag?

I’m positive I have video proof of other games

Before this happened the only games that didn’t work were vrchat and rec room and when I got on the next day rec room worked but all the other games I had didn’t and even just downloaded games as well and also I have steam. Gorilla tag on there didn’t work either and I could buy cosmetic bundles and shiny rocks and see how much shiny rocks I had. I could put on cosmetics and I could even use the computer like normal, like change my color or name and stuff but I can’t get into a public server just like every other game except for rec room and vrchat. I am in the process of factory resetting my headset for the 2nd time. 

Contact me on discord

My username is deathkiller1894

Just to play Gorilla tag on steam with computer, but rec room and vr chat standalone with Quest?

No, I play both but I mostly play on pc but my pc is broke so I have to use quest 2

Let me rephrase have to play standalone now

I have no idea, why you can not use multiplayer in Gorilla tag - if it is not a ban - while it works for other games.

Make no sense to me.

Send a PM @MetaQuestsupport

Click on the name to visit their profile page, then click the "send a message" button.

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