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Multiple headsets for one owner

Level 2

I am going to start teaching VR. I want to buy multiple Quest 2 headsets to use in the class. Facebook only allows one account per person. How do I setup an account for each headset when I am allowed only one account?


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi! That's a great question! You can activate multiple headsets with the same account so that multiple accounts are not needed. But be advised that playing multiplayer games between these headsets will not work, and if you enable cloud saves, then progress on those games will be shared to all headsets under the same account. 

Hope this helps! Feel free to write in anytime you have questions and we'll be happy to help. 

I think I have a similar question.  Is it possible to link two Quest 2 headsets, only for the purpose of the second headset to view what the primary headset is seeing?  Say I'm in a single player game, and my wife wants to tag along, but only to see what I'm seeing, not actually have any functionality in the game itself.  Basically casting my Quest 2 screen to the screen of the 2nd headset.  Is this possible?  

Hey there, we wanted to let you know that currently the Quest does not support the ability to cast from one headset to another. We hope you can check out other options to cast your gameplay so she can join in the fun.

Level 2

If anything, the parents can make a facebook account for them and log in to the headset like that.

You can use the Oculus App to cast your headset to your wife, it's not a complicated process at all. Just download the app, log in with your facebook account, then press the controller with the waves coming out at the top right. Press Quest 2 and once the "Start Casting" button is blue you can press that and it'll cast your headset to her phone.