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My Account Has Been Wrongly Disabled

Level 2

Dear Mr./Madam

My Instagram account has been disabled, and I can't submit the appeal form. This is due to a system error. I have tried hundreds of times. It just doesn't allow me to file an appeal. All I want is to be fairly evaluated.

Please help me review my account or transfer it to the relevant departments for review. I will always be grateful!It took me several years to create this account. It has very important pictures. I have always abided by the terms of use of Instagram. As far as I know, I have not violated any rules/regulations. If you find any improper behaviour, please rest assured that this is not intentional. If you can tell me, I will never make the same mistake again. I clicked the message notification given to me by fb. I can't open my account after landing, and I can't log in to fans. Please help me. I really needMy account. Please check my account and publish it. If you need it, I am happy to provide more information or my own government status. I am willing to cooperate and answer any questions you may need to clarify this issue.Full name: Chen YaoyaoInstagram username:

Tel: +886925720816

Email: you very much for spending time reading this email. I hope to see your reply as soon as possible!


















Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey there! Thanks for reaching out about your disabled Instagram, we definitely know how stressful it can be losing access to an account.


While we can't access or review Instagram accounts, we're happy to help out in any way we can! You'll need to check out the Instagram Help Center for assistance, specifically the article for disabled accounts. If you're having issues with the site, try clearing your browser cache and attempt to submit the form from another browser, network, or device. Beyond this, we aren't able to offer any additional support for Instagram.


Hope this helps! We wish you the best of luck with your account.