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My Daughter purchased beatsaber on the wrong account

Level 2

Hi. My Daughter purchased beatsaber on the wrong account. I share all our games from my account and she purchased on her account by mistake. Is there any way we can get this on the account that has all our games.

Regards Jason 


Retired Support

Hey @jase4130. The game cannot be transferred from one account to another. You'll need to refund the game first. You can request an automated refund from the Purchase History page in your Oculus app, and repurchase the game on the main account. If you need more assistance with the refund process or encounter an error, submit a ticket with support, or send them a DM 


Just a heads up, the Beat saber DLCs purchased are account specific and are not available to the secondary accounts. I hope that helps!

Have you tried turning it off and on again?