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My Meta Quest 2 Shutdown by itself when I using and running the app.

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Hello! My Meta Quest 2 shutdown itself (not device sleep, it is forcing turn off completely) for 2 consecutive times after I using and running the AltSpace application, even have the battery power and after first-ever impact drop. This issue was first discovered after I purchased this headset in December 2020. I'm not sure is it hardware overheat problem which I using for a hour and minutes long today, or other internal hardware issues. I just installed the latest software update in months ago.

I'm not sure....
Anyway, can you explain what is the reason to have this issue here? Please reply if you read this message, thank you.


Meta Quest Support
Meta Quest Support

@synarix.tan It must be pretty frustrating to have to deal with that for 2 years. How come you didn't reach out sooner by chance?


Does the issue only happen when using AltSpaceVR, because if so you might want to let the developers know. 


If it happens with other apps, there are a couple things to test out:


  • Reboot the headset:
    • Turn off the headset.
    • Hold the Power and Volume Down (-) buttons together until the boot menu loads.
    • Use the Volume Buttons to highlight Boot Device and press the Power Button.


If the issue still happens with the other apps, you might want to make a support ticket for them to look into that. 


Hope this helps out! 🤗