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My Oculus Quest 2 keeps turning off randomly?!

Level 3

Now, I will have to say a few things before any replies on solutions are made:

- The battery of the headset is 100%.
- The camera is clean and tracking is working.

- The headset itself on the outside has no damage.

- This issue has just started.


Well, to put it simply, it keeps turning off. I have to manually turn it back on and it isn’t a black screen of death situation. It could be that the power button has some dust in it but it is unlikely.


It would be great if someone has this same issue as I have searched a bit and have not seen this issue in the slightest.


Thanks for reading, 



Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey hey! Good hearing from you, WoofWolf21! 

We appreciate you for making us aware of this ongoing issue. While looking into this, we came up with a few questions for you. Are you experiencing this while connected to your PC? Or are you experiencing this while using your headset standalone? 

You may be facing a situation where your device has entered in a loop. We will need to carry over this conversation via private message. Please copy and paste this link into your browser or click on our name to get to our profile page, then click "Send a Message" to privately contact us. Please remember, you must be signed into the community first to send us a private message. 

Hope to hear back from you soon! 

Hello. It happens stand-alone as my PC is no VR support. Thanks for replying and I hope I can get this issue fixed.

Did you ever get this figured out?

Level 3

I'd love to know any answer to this, besides "let's take it private". That's not a great answer to a community question, is it?

We understand your concerns with this, but we ask our customers to go into a private message due to needing personal account details. However, there's not much troubleshooting to do for these types of issues as long as your device has no damage and is fully charged.


We don't have the required tools here on the forum to assist further with this issue. If you're having issues with your headset rebooting itself, we recommend submitting a support ticket with one of our specialists. They'll be happy to assist you further!

Level 2

This same problem is happening to me, my boundary keeps on deleting itself mid game forcing me to stop and make a new one to. The crazy part is my quest 2 just arrived the other day so their is no way theirs any damage or dust

Hey there, @Sgt.Ketchup130. That definitely sounds like quite an issue. We wouldn't want you to have to deal with this issue that's interrupting your VR time any longer. We'd be more than happy to help out! Here's some troubleshooting steps that you can try out, and if they don't help out, then we'd recommend a factory reset to see if that helps. The steps for a factory reset are listed below:
From the Headset:

  • Power off the headset
  • Press and hold volume down & Power
  • This will boot into the USB Update Mode menu
  • Press volume button to move selection, press power button to make the selection
  • Navigate to Factory Reset and press the Power button. The device should now begin the Factory Reset process.

Let us know if this helps out or not. We'll be looking forward to hearing back from you!

I see answers like, "not much to be done, good luck!" Or, "we need your account details to help." But, there is something to be done. First, the old Microsoft solution... Turn it off and back on again. Second, is it updated fully? And third, factory reset. Updating and reboot worked for me, although it happens every week or so.

May your fun be virtual and awesome!

Level 2

Yeah, I've been having the same issue and I only just got back into using my oculus, and it's really annoying to have to turn my oculus back on every 20 seconds.