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My PC Overheats after 3 minutes of playing with AirLink

Level 2

Title says all,i tried to play beat saber one day and air link has freezed,some weird glitch showed up like an quest game would freeze. I went to my PC and fans were super loud,and the screen was turned off. After that,my pc almost every time does the same thing,i tried everything,cleaning,changing thermal paste,turning off everything except oculus app and steamvr and it still freezes.


Level 7

What is your video card?

Is the heatsink on it full of dust?

Were the video card fans running? Are the fans quiet? (bad bearings are noisy and prevent the video card fans from cooling properly. I had to change my fans on my video card just a month ago. The bearings don't last forever).


Something tells me your video card is not cooled properly.

Intel i7-7700K, 32GB RAM - nVidia GTX 1070 Amp Edition 8GB GDDR5. Link Cable via powered extension.

My Video card is RTX 2080 Ti from pny,no,heatsink is not full of dust,fans were spinning and fans are quiet.