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My PC will not connect to my quest 2

Level 2

My quest originally connect to my headset and I got to play on steam VR.  But as time went on only half the time it would detect my PC now no matter what I do it does not detect my PC and my PC does not detect it. The PC only charges it, it does not connect to it at all. I'm using a USB c link cable 

I have booted my device reset my oculus app on PC, updated all my software to date, I have plugged the cable in different spots, I have went into possible setting that stop it but it just won't connect anymore only charge.


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey MiloDoes,


Looking at what you've said here, we'd like you to submit a support ticket with us so we can do some more troubleshooting with you. Drop us a line at via email so we can hook you up!


Heads up, we have a lot of tickets right now from the holiday season, so please hang in there while we get back to you. Thank you for your patience and we hope you had/have a happy New Year!

After an update a couple hours ago, my pc meta app that connects my device to my pc will not stay connected. It connects, drops, 30 seconds later repeat ad-nauseam.

I downloaded from the meta store these cool looking space apps and when I go to launch it says there is a pending device error with zero information. Even if there is a connection it still says this. With no data it feels impossible to troubleshoot.

The more I read about oculus issues the more disenfranchised I am becoming.

Hey WimpLofromKrypton! We certainly understand the importance of being able to access your device again. We want to work with you to get to the bottom of this. In order to move forward could you please provide us with the following information:

  • Have you tried any troubleshooting steps yourself, and if so what have you tried?
  • Could you try to uninstall and reinstall the app if you haven't tried this already?
  • Could you send us a screenshot of the error message you are receiving?

I have just submitted a support ticket based on what was responded to the last person from this thread. I see Meta also just sent an email to me with some "RouteThis" app. I'll give it a try.

To answer your question, I've not reinstalled the app for this issue. I had to once before for an issue that was likely pilot error so I had never reached out for that one.

For this particular issue I have rebooted all involved devices in use except the router. No dice! I was looking at forums and came across this one that said to open a ticket while others were mostly angry consumers.

Below I inserted a windows snippet of the error. However, it says this whether a device is connected or not. And unlike last time when I reinstalled due an actual device error, this time, when it does connect (in devices tab drop down thing) it doesn't say anything is wrong. Then it disconnects ... reconnects ... repeat.


Well never mind, after reading the email it doesn't appear that app is for me, it said for mobile troubleshooting.. per below

Hello ,

Thank you for contacting Oculus Support. A support ticket 6245476 has been created for you and an Oculus Support team member will be in contact within the next 24 hours.

In the meantime, if your Oculus device is having issues with the audio, slow loading, getting connected online, or downloading games, we recommend using the free RouteThis Helps diagnostics app on your mobile device to troubleshoot Wi-Fi or connectivity related issues affecting your Oculus experience.

Accessing and using the RouteThis App:
1. Download the RouteThis Helps app: open the web browser on your mobile device and navigate to:
2. Open the app and enter your access code: (redacted)
3. Follow the steps on our support site to initiate a network scan in the app and find other helpful troubleshooting steps here

If you're able to resolve your issue using the RouteThis Helps app or support article, please respond to this email and let us know so we can close your case.

Need more assistance:
If you are still experiencing issues after using the app or could not access the app, please respond to this email with:
- Your Oculus device serial number
- Your RouteThis key code (located at the top right corner of the app)
- If you couldn't access the app, please let us know that you couldn't complete the network scan along with a detailed description of the current issues you're having with your Oculus device

Providing all of this information will help our Oculus Support team member expedite the troubleshooting process. We appreciate you for taking the time to contact us today and thank you for giving us the opportunity to support you.

Thank you,
Oculus Support

Hey WimpLofromKrypton! Thank you for getting back to us and creating a support ticket. With RouteThis it helps a lot with trying to diagnose issues that a customer might be having with drop issues and other connectivity problems. They will be able to use this to see if there is some kind of interference. If you download the app, when our support agent responds they will be able to look into options for you based on what they find, you would just need to respond with the requested information. They will also be able to look into other means of helping you if this does not pull up any issues.

Thanks. We'll see. I'll remain hopeful.