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My Pages verified badge was removed with 2M Followers by hacking my main admin account

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 I’m bringing attention to “Meta” .

My blue verified page with 1M+ followers was hacked by my main admin account and which BM is primary, where’s my Facebook verified page and instagram verified page added..

the hackers randomly changed the page name , posted against community guidelines and set up the page @ dilatation mode randomly and all of my other admin accounts access were removed..

so , unable to do anything and ultimately blue badge was removed from my page and the main admin id is still under get started locked, but my instagram verified badge ain’t removed yet, but can’t do anything for the primary BM.

I get backed this account several times but at that moment it’s still locked and unable to unlock it by submitting my all real documents.

the facebook authorities didn’t respond to me yet!

also which account I’m using now it was created at 2004 at the very beginning.

the hackers continuously reporting with fake stuffs and this account is going randomly suspended, restricted , most horrible thing is which post the “Meta” authorities removes as child pornographies and others, I never used any kinda prohibited words ever, pornography/adults content are so far from this, moreover which posts are removing and giving me restrictions , others might can’t see those posts, but the account owner must be shown, but even I can’t also!

They can’t prevent hackers and fake reporters spammers or unable but they’re motivating and inspiring them lot!


Like anyone will **bleep** ultimately I’m the rapiest right?


yeah, “Meta” is the most popular Social Media platform ever in this world but it’s just because of us “the Public Figures, Artists “ cause our fan base follows us to keep updated about everything, and they do whatever we do!

So, without us “Meta” is nothing but “0” !

just because of their such stupid behavior activities lots Public Figures left “Meta” and joined “Twitter” , “Tiktok “ blah blah!!!

Along with them mango peoples are also leaving just because of this kinda nonsense activities by giving up themselves after trying lot to recover or get the actual justice from the authorities!
They’re at dat position just for us and w/o us they’re nothing but “0”

and very soon they’ll be literally “0” by losing their users…




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    Mr. Mark Zuck and his Authorities are Full of injustice, unfair Dictators just because of their poison and doing whatever they want but that’s not fair, never!

  • soon you’re gonna be the most stupid defamed platform ever!