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My Quest 2 is on a different local subnet than the PC I am trying to connect to with Air Link

Level 2

Should this work because I can't get it to?

I use pfSense for my router and firewall. I have made firewall rules allowing communication between my Quest 2 and PC and have also installed the Oculus app on my PC. The PC has a wired connection and the Quest is using 5G WiFi @ 80Hz.

Something to note is the PC I am trying to connect to also doubles as a Plex server and works just fine on my Roku which is on the same wireless VLAN as my Quest 2.

I so far cannot find any info online that explains how Air Link works like how it finds PC's to connect to or whether or not it can find PC's located on a different local subnet. Do I need port forwarding or something? Any info that would help me get this working would be greatly appreciated.


Level 13

Sounds like a router issue.  I would disable everything and only hook up the PC to the router and quest 2.

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey there, Maximus, We see your concerns in regards to the issue with you not being able to connect to your PC through AirLink. In order to figure out what the issue could be, can you tell us a little bit more?


Are you receiving a failed error message when trying to connect through Airlink?

Is this issue happening only when trying to use your headset through Airlink?


Once you are able to provide us with those details, we can move forward with the next steps. Also check out this link to learn all about how to connect your headset through Airlink.