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My battery life is officially down to an hour. Why??

Level 2

As of recently I started to notice that my battery was running out too fast, so today I timed it and indeed, my battery lasts only 1 hour (having been fully charged). It even used to be that sometimes I could keep playing until it was around 4%. This time, I was around maybe 8% and at some point the headset flat out shut down on me. This had never happened to me before.


I purchased the Oculus Quest 2 on January 17. It has been less than 7 months since I've been using it. I do use it almost every day to play basically Onward and sometimes Thrill of the Fight. I do expect battery life to start draining a bit, but I can't believe I'm already down to half the normal duration of the battery in less than a year.


Is this normal? Otherwise, is there a way I can send my headset back to have it replaced?


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi @Ron_Tomkins101, depending on what you are doing on the headset the battery life can vary, however it should typically last longer then 1 hours. However, If you are using higher refresh rate this will cause the battery to drain quicker. If you would like to look into this further, please open a support ticket with us here. Thanks!