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My beat saber app won’t download!

Level 2

Please help me. I downloaded this app on my quest 2 2 weeks ago, and every time I’ve logged on, it has said installing. 2 weeks with no progress, and i can’t get anything else because it just said “queued” and will not download. I can’t even update any games. I have already tried resetting it by turning it off and on, but NOTHING HAPPENS! Please help me!


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey there, Iccash! We definitely understand that you are ready to enjoy the Beat Saber experience, but we are currently still experiencing issues that are preventing certain titles from downloading successfully. We are however, gradually rolling out a fix for this issue, so we ask for your extended patience as we resolve this matter and we'll update everyone when it's fully deployed. Thank you!

I am having this same issue on my Oculus Rift S. I tried to update to the new OST5 and it wouldn't update. so I uninstalled beat saber and now it will not install at all, it just errors out. I have tried many things to get it to download. I uninstalled everything oculus, reinstalled multiple times. deactivated windows defender as well as anti virus. used safe mode. I don't know what else I should try to get this to work. I have also sent a log zip in to support. I haven't heard anything. This is practically the only game I pay on the oculus. 

Same for me. Rift S also

this is still an issue. I cannot install beatsaber. I've had it for 5 years, but recently got a new harddrive and had to reinstall my games. it will not install, and it's been months since you posted that this was an issue. how is this not fixed?