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My friend used my referral and we didn't received the 30€

Level 2

Hi, I sent my referral link to my friend, he used since 1 week ago and we didn't received the 30€ 

One week ago the support told me this message:
''Thank you so much for providing that information and we have some good news! Upon reviewing both accounts, it appears that the referral was successful. You'll just need to wait 7 days from the new device activation on your friend's account and the credit should automatically apply to both accounts. If after that time frame the referral credit has not applied to both accounts, please reach back out to us and we'll be more than happy to manually apply it at that time! ''


I try to contact the support for private message since 2 days ago, and nobody response..

Just we want a response and know what Its happening here, and If we gonna get the 30€ or not.. Thank you



Community Manager
Community Manager

Hello there, @CarlosBF! We see that you are reaching out to us about not receiving your referral credits for your and your friends' accounts. We know how much of an inconvenience this is for users experiencing this issue, and we're happy to look into it further! We also see that you have already sent us a private message regarding this issue. Not to worry, for we will be reaching out to you as soon as we are able to! 

Level 2

Ok thank you