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My oculus games wont downlod

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  • When i try to install an update or download a game it will try to download for a few seconds, then it goes back to the blue “download” button, i have storage available, and i just factory reset the oculus, and it still refuses to download anything.

My meta quest 2 is not updating or downloading apps. I will start a download and it says downloading then stops immediately. I have plenty of space and have tried 3 different WiFi’s and 2 different hotspots. And yes I’ve been in close proximity to the routers/phones. I have turned the oculus off and back on. I have also factory reset the oculus 3 times as well as logging out on my phone. I have no clue what else to do as customer service told me to hard reset it. I told them I’ve done it 4 times and then I got told to give them my email and they will help me further from there. I’m just at a complete loss and want to use this oculus.

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Normally i give companies the benefit of the doubt too. Like you said, companies experience outages. But with Meta it is once a month at the very least I cannot use my headset or the items i've purchased. It just feels like they don't care about the customer at all. 

People are saying its a server issue, a lot of people are facing this problem right now. hopefully it gets fixed soon


It happened to me about a week ago and I didn’t try again until today so has it been going on that long?

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I have a Quest 3 with update 63. This issue is plaguing my device and it's not related to the wifi. All installs and updates fail to download. I've followed the guide and it does not work. My device internet connectivity is working fine as evidenced by this post which is posted using the Quest 3 browser.

UPDATE: I got it to download sometimes by rapidly queueing the install, prioritizing it, canceling the download, and repeating the request until the download progress bar starts counting up.

Ironically, Sidequest downloads work. Please fix the Meta Quest store download issue!

All of a sudden today I can't download or update anything. Turned on my quest 3 to play some games and the game I was trying to play needed an update (Ghost of Tabor). Hit update and it loaded for a second, then displayed 0mb - 5.8gb. Then went back to saying update as if I didn't already hit it. Unable to get it to update no mater what I do. Also can't download anything. Went as far as doing a factory reset (3 times!). After a factory reset I still can't download anything and when I go into immersive mode it's just a black screen with my task bar and hands/controllers showing. I was going through everything trying to figure out what is happening and then noticed when I clicked on my profile I have a pop up under my username that says "your profile is restricted for not following the code of conduct" when I click on the pop up it brings me to the settings menu where it says "your profile is in good standings". I have no idea what is going on and am really frustrated. Haven't owned this unit for even a month yet. Bought the meta case and elite strap with battery as I was enjoying it. Is this just a glitch that will be fixed with an update. I hope someone can help me or I will have no choice but to bring it back. My headset is borderline useless other then surfing the browser at this point. Since I factory reset it I don't have any games and it won't let me download anything. Please help Meta.

I’m having the same problem 

Like everything I mentioned including the black screen in imersive? Did it just start today?

Same problem. Factory reset it and now just a black background and not able to download anything 

My headset is on standby and just heard it fire up. Checked it out and it looks like it's starting to download again but still have the black screen when not in passive mode. Saw on a post on Facebook that the servers were down. Is yours downloading now?

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