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My oculus started with meta symbol I took it off then put it on charger came back not starting

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I was using it last week absolutely fine. now My headset won't turn back on, I started it up came up with meta symbol while it was doing that I took it off and put it on charge came back and its not starting, I plug into pc and Windows detects it but not on oculus app on pc, tryed force rebooting nothing happened , it could be very flat as I may of accidentally left it on for the week I can't remeber, but no clue what could be wrong, I'm not home rn and I have put it on charge so maybye it will be fine when I get back, but please suggest anything to help aswell, thanks 


Meta Quest Support
Meta Quest Support

Heya! If you still can't get it back on, do you see the status light on the side turn on when you have it plugged in? If so, what color is it? If it isn't turning on at all, you might want to try a different outlet and/or charger to see if that helps.


Let me know, and we can keep troubleshooting a bit together!

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