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My quest 2 does not see my wifi.

Level 2

hello i have a problem. i wasnt playing on my oculus for like a month and when i turned it on it doesnt see my wifi but see my neighbours wifi. month ago i could easly play on my wifi and now it is not even visible when i want to connect. please help me i even did a boot device and it doesnt help so i really need help from someone else. i cant even find answer for it in the internet so i have to type it here and beg for help. have a good day and thanks for all answers,


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey @Kubiczyz! We know how important a strong Wi-Fi connection is to have a good time in VR. We're here to help you get this figured out!


First, have you tried rebooting your router? If not, we'd definitely suggest trying that first!


We'd also suggest checking out our article for troubleshooting Quest Wi-Fi issues. There's some good info in there about some possible causes of Wi-Fi issues, and some troubleshooting steps to try!


If you're still having issues connecting after that, we'd suggest you open up a support ticket with our team here. That way you can get some one on one support, and our experts can help with some more advanced troubleshooting if needed!