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My quest 3 isn't charging with my link cable but the quest 2 did.. anyone know why?


My quest 3 isn't charging with my link cable and I've had no problem doing it with quest 2 but it just stays at the same percentage.. I haven't tried the charger the comes in the box but It should be charging.

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we need real answers that isnt being addressed. Im on the verge of returning and buying a valve index instead. 

This is wrong. My headset actually wont charge at all when connected to PCVR with a cable. Regardless of the temperature (fresh cold boot and during gameplay). As soon as i disconnect from PCVR cable link it charges right away and the issue still needs to be resolved. 

Hi there.
I had successfully accomplished 4hs non stop with the laptop connected to the wall and the headset connected with the standard cable to a thunderbolt laptop port.
It loses near 20% battery an hour with 50% bright and Mixed Reality on.
But remember: There is a constant flow of energy through the laptop battery and the headset (no additional accesories).

I believe I could work with that, but it's not ideal for "wireless evironments" like planes, buses or for using in a bar without plugging the laptop to the wall.

It does hurt a bit while using it with the standard strap and the standard face interface. Terrible choice on that part. Definetly the Elite Strap with battery (or a third party one with extra battery) is a MUST for this device.

On the other hand, I understand Meta is losing money by selling this amazing hardware relying on overpriced required accessories and the meta store/meta quest subscription. What can I say? Business models....

Anyway. It works for me. No overheating in the headset was detected, but it kinda heats the laptop (integrated video card and energy flow). Other than that, perfectly usable.

Pending test:
Use it as standalone replacement for laptop with bluetooth mouse/keyboard (and of course, plugged to the wall)

I'll keep posting about those tests.

May be this has to do with the cable length, type and power.

There is a 16ft VR cable branded INIU that allows high bandwidth and charging (with the original charger and cable) at the same time. Probably the PC doesn't deliver enough power to keep it charged from its port.

That cable promises to let the PC do the PCVR data thing and the charging is left to the charger.

I haven't bought it, but looks promising.

Please share your experience if you get it.

(link here:

Yeah that’s the cable I’m using. It doesn’t work. Tried it with the Q3 charger and an Anker Q 35w charger as well. It plays fine over the link if I don’t connect a power supply to it. As soon as I connect the power, the link connection disappears from the headset. It also sometimes continuously dings like it’s trying to reconnect over and over. I’m sure it’s not the cables fault. I like the cable. The Q3 is what’s hot garbage. 

Well.... if you're selling it as hot garbage, I'm happy to buy it 😅.

It seems that after the v60 update arrived the USB and wi-fi connection got 100% stable in my case (in v59 there were some cuts over the official USB-C that comes in the box).

Have you got the V60 update? 
If so, do you notice any changes with the conectivity stability?

I saw that the v60 came out. Not sure if mine has picked it up yet but when it does I’ll be sure to test it out. I saw a video about it but no real mention on the link issues. I’m planning on doing some racing and flying this weekend. Hoping to boot be disappointed. 

There is no mention of it as you say. I leave the device suspended and connected once a week with automatic updates so it keeps everything up to date.

When it started to work without cuts, I checked the version in Settings -> System Updates and at the end says version 60. I hope the issue you are having is software related and fixed with it.

Let us know how it goes
(if it's still garbage, I'm open to buy yours at a reduced price xD)

I have the same cable and the problem is that you can get it into a power only or a data only mode. It seems there is a specific way you have to power things up and plug things in to get it work right. The problem is that it doesnt seem consistent. Currently I'm testing turning on both the computer and Quest 3, then plugging in the power adapter connected to the cable, and then turning on the Quest 3. This works and says its charging and the link comes up, but sometimes it seems like it is charging, the percentage will barely move down while playing, other times it will lose about 33% per hour. I also have got that continuous dinging you talked about, but I think this is only if you try to bring things up in a way that confuses it between data link and power link. This kind of jives maybe with what the current solution here talks about with the Quest charging differently based on temperatures, etc. Either way its irritating.

Thank you for sharing this. While I’m not glad to hear your having issues, I am glad to hear that my issue is completely repeatable. I did check my Q3 earlier today and it did get the v60 update. Once I do some testing I’ll let you know if anything actually changed for me.

i do remember rebooting and unplugging the cable a few times when I first got the cable and had the same effect. It would work like once or twice and then just randomly stop working. I usually turn off usb power suspending setting and thought that maybe that was causing the problem so I turned it back on but it still made no difference. 

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