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My quest 3 isn't charging with my link cable but the quest 2 did.. anyone know why?


My quest 3 isn't charging with my link cable and I've had no problem doing it with quest 2 but it just stays at the same percentage.. I haven't tried the charger the comes in the box but It should be charging.


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Meta Quest Support
Meta Quest Support

Hey everyone! I've gotten confirmation from the engineering and product team. It looks like when in use, the headset may adjust the charging rate to optimize battery performance based on factors such as temperature. For safety and performance reasons, your headset’s battery also may not fully charge if it is plugged in while in use and exceeds the optimal charging temperature. Once the device is no longer in use and its temperature has returned to normal, your device should resume charging to 100% while plugged in to charge.
When plugged into a laptop/PC, using a USB port that is not Power Delivery-compatible and capable of 18W+ will slow down charging.

If you have any other questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to reach out to the support team through PM or back in this thread. We appreciate all feedback! 

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Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi there @S15XE! We hope you're having an amazing day today! We know it's never fun to experience any issues with charging our devices, so we would love to help you get this fixed up. So the Link cable was not designed to charge the Quest 3, but it may help hold charge while plugged in. Please go ahead and use the charger that came with your device in order to properly get it charged up without any damages. We hope this answers any questions you may have had but if not, don't hesitate to reach back out to us at any time. Have a wonderful rest of your day!

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I have the exact same issue, my quest 2 would slowly charge with the link cable connected to the PC when the headset was off. With my quest 3 connected to PC via the link cable with the headset off my battery percentage remains the same. I even left my computer on for 5 hours with no change in battery percentage. On my Quest 2 it would be fully charged in that amount of time.   

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi there @JJW033! Thank you for reaching out to us in regards to this issue as well. To make sure there are no issues and no damage is done, please make sure to charge the Quest 3 using the charger that came included with your device as the Link cable was not designed to charge the device. We hope this helps you get the device charged up but please feel free to reach back out to us if you are still having issues charging the device. Have an awesome day!

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I noticed that the quest 3 wall wart was rated higher than that for the quest 2, and supports a 9v output where the quest 2 doesn't. Not sure it needs the 9v, but sounds like it might. The quest 3 wall wart can charge my ROMOSS in turbo mode while the quest 2 wall wart can not.

Please explain how on earth the link cable was designed to charge the quest 2 but not quest 3. This does not at all seem accurate as this issue here seems software related on the quest 3. 

If the quest 3 is not able to maintain a charge while over link cable connected to a pcie stata powered card even, then please explain what is different. Sure there is a different SoC but by no means is it noted anywhere that it's not possible to keep it charged like you could a quest 2. I could have my quest 2 at 5% at max settings and be actively playing and it will charge it up to 100 while in use even. 

The quest 2 cable works fine for charging. I've been using it since I got the quest 3. The quest 3 cable is still in the box. It is the quest 2 wall wart adapter that is the issue. I believe the quest 3 uses the 9V mode of USB-C power delivery, and the quest 2 wall wart does not support it.

I've charged the quest 3 from the quest 3 wall wart, a 45W wall wart that I bought off of Amazon, and from a ROMOSS sense 8+ battery, all using the quest 2 cable. All three of those can charge the quest 3 battery.

If you are asking why the quest 3 needs more power to charge than the quest 2, that is a fair enough question, but we see it all the time. The iPad2 charger would not charge an iPad air. It seems like things naturally progress to need more and more power.

Oh I'm aware, which is why I challenged the statement that the link cable wasn't designed and won't work with the q3.

However there is an issue or some clear guidance explanation needs to be given on ability to charge via PC while in use. I could charge the q2 while in use up from 15% connected to PC over link cable to a pcie SATA powered card. The quest 3 however in same situation is just getting a slower discharge and that's it which is really unacceptable.

If you are saying that you must be tethered to the PC for data transfer, so now can not be both tethered and charging, then I think you have fair point. I know nothing about how the quest is used beyond playing built in games, but if tethering is required for some reason, then perhaps it should have had 2 USB-C ports.

I think it is unrealistic to tell meta that they can never realease a product that can't be powered from your laptop, but it seems like there should have been a solution to this. How does USB-C power delivery work over a USB-C hub? Is it possible to get a powered hub to sit between them where the hub can deliver the 9V? I really know nothing about it.

You can play over airlink or link cable but many use the cable as that is best way to guarantee quality of the data feed.

Never said they couldn't release a headset that couldn't be powered by desktop PC. My issue here is there is zero documentation noting the requirements on how to have Q3 charged while playing over link cable and then having a community manager here make the claim that the link cable wasn't designed for such for the quest 3 which just seems unfathomable....

Especially given Meta's site specifically states the opposite from what is being noted by the manager here: 


Full speed ahead

Get blistering-fast data speeds while simultaneously powering your device. Requires a USB-C port providing sufficient power...."


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Meta Quest 2
Meta Quest 3
Meta Quest Pro


Just need acknowledgement that there is infact a software defect that is being worked on for this, or updated info from Meta on the matter.

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