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My right controller

Level 2

I have a quest 2 and my right controller is acting up it starts to move in a direction I'm not moving to and i was wondering if i can replace it???


Meta Quest Support
Meta Quest Support

@zeronova45 Sounds like quite the issue. 


What do you mean by moving in a direction you're not moving to? Is it like the controller itself flies away within the headset, or does the joystick move a certain way on its own?


If the joystick moves on its own, there are some controller settings for helping that out:


  1. Go to Settings
  2. Go to Controller Settings
  3. Under Joystick Deadzone and Range, select the right joystick
  4. Follow on-screen instructions to recalibrate the joysticks deadzones


If your whole controller is having issues, or the drift isn't fixed you might want to do the below:


  • Remove the battery for roughly 10-15 minutes to reset the electronics.
    • Replace with a new or known working one
  • You can also try to re-pair the controllers


Last but not least. If that doesn't seem to do anything, just reach out to the support team with the list of things tried and a video of what you see in the headset. They might look into replacing that for you.