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My right side headphone doesn't work when i touch the strap

Level 2
My title says it all, when ever i touch the right side strap i lose sound, headset sits crooked if i don't use it. no fun to do space pirate trainer with out right side sound, or a loose head set. Anyone else having the same issue? If i take it back to bestbuy for a new one am i going to have the same problem in 3 months again?

Level 10

I had the same problem, ended up having to send it in for a replacement. As for whether or not it will happen again 3 months, no idea. Mine lasted 8 months before the issue appeared. I really hope it was either a bad batch or the issue has been fixed for future revisions, but nobody seems to want to talk about it to confirm.

Worst comes to worst, we may need to purchase a pair of wireless headphones for the eventual failure after warranty has expired.

Just to be sure, make sure you try all of the following:

Re-setting Oculus Speakers as your "default" sound system in windows.
Disconnect/Reconnect the right side speaker. - Also try various amounts of tightness on the speaker screw.
Disconnect and blow on the connection for the speaker on both the speaker and the headset.
Disconnect the left speaker and attach it to the right side.

However, the fact that it fails intermittently as a result of touching the strap, probably indicates that it is the HMD failure. Just give the above a try, just to be sure.