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My walking dead saints and sinners retribution isn't downloading

Level 2

I have enough space for the game but its not downloading and I don't know why.

The download stopped after 10GB and my headset was lagging too much so I had to restart it.

Now its not even going up one GB.

Why is this happening?


Level 2

Having the exact same issue.  Once the headset is put down the download stops.  Put it back on and it's a coin toss as to whether or not it will restart.  


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey @Shirt_Pantz_III, we know how worrisome it can be to not have games install properly after purchase, let's get this issue fixed! Please try opening up Retribution in the store, after purchase you should be able to prompt a download on this page. Typically, it's best to have double the space of the game available.


If Retribution still doesn't download we recommend restarting your router, power-cycle your headset and re-connect the WiFi connection within the headset. If you receive another installation error, we advice to perform a factory reset on the headset, be sure to backup your save files to the Oculus Cloud using the Cloud Backup feature.


In case you continue to have any issues with the download, please submit a ticket with the Support Team and we'll be able to look into other troubleshooting options as soon as possible!