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So, This year I bought my son the pro controllers for his oculus quest 2. He was STOKED! Well about two months one of the controllers quit working. It is under warranty so I am thinking no big deal? WRONG. I started my ticket with Meta and on 10/06/23 I shipped my controller back to them. This was shipped via FEDEX with the label META provided. Here we are in December with no answer from META. I have checked the package and it was received at their facility on 10/09/23. However when I check my RMA it shows that they never received my package. So what gives? Where is my controller? Why has it not been replaced? Why can I not contact anyone from META to help? I have emailed several times since OCTOBER but META immediately closes my ticket. I have notified META today that I have obtained an attorney and we plan on suing them over this whole ordeal. Has anyone had the same experience? I have others that may possibly want to join in on this lawsuit as well. The more there are, the better chance we have at making it a class action suit.






Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey @Jsams75! We hate to hear you are having this issue, and we want to help get to the bottom of this for you. We have received your private message, and we will be responding to you very shortly there, while we look into this deeper for you.

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