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Need help, Meta is taking my money for apps, and not allowing install

This is my support experience:
Meta Store Support (12/20/2023, 7:41:12 PM): Thanks for contacting Meta Store Support! We’re here to make sure you get the help you need. 
Meta Store Support (12/20/2023, 7:41:13 PM): We can help answer your questions. Please don't send any of your sensitive personal information, like credit card numbers, in this chat. Do not refresh this page as it could interrupt your session. 
Ania (12/20/2023, 7:46:42 PM): Hi, (redacted). Thank you for contacting Meta Store Support. My name is Ania and I'll be gladly assisting you today. 
Ania (12/20/2023, 7:46:57 PM): Before we proceed further, your case number with me is #06478856. You may use this as a reference number to contact us if our chat gets disconnected. 
(redacted) (12/20/2023, 7:47:15 PM): ok, thanks 
(redacted) (12/20/2023, 7:47:19 PM): My Daughter sent a request for beatsaber, I got the request and approved it but it still says request pending in her headset.  Also, the app wont let me buy it for her.  I go to the game in the meta store on my meta app and then gift then choose he but the purchase button doesn't click 
Ania (12/20/2023, 7:47:37 PM): I understand that you are having concern regarding Beat saber. Don't worry, I'll help you sort this out. 
(redacted) (12/20/2023, 7:47:45 PM): maybe 
Ania (12/20/2023, 7:49:09 PM): In order for us to further assist you, I will be needing some information from you. Would that be alright? 
(redacted) (12/20/2023, 7:49:31 PM): sure 
Ania (12/20/2023, 7:50:02 PM): Great! 
Ania (12/20/2023, 7:50:02 PM): Name as it appears on the Account or Meta account tabs
Email Address
Ania (12/20/2023, 7:52:39 PM): Thanks for providing that, (redacted). Kindly give me a moment for me to check this for you. 
(redacted) (12/20/2023, 7:54:10 PM): you can see that it is allowed in family link 
Ania (12/20/2023, 7:59:15 PM): Thanks for patiently waiting, (redacted). 
(redacted) (12/20/2023, 8:00:49 PM): hello??? 
(redacted) (12/20/2023, 8:00:57 PM): Oh, okay, sure 
(redacted) (12/20/2023, 8:01:18 PM): does anyone even know how it is supposed to work? 
(redacted) (12/20/2023, 8:02:54 PM): already spent so much time getting it set up, just want to buy her a game 
Ania (12/20/2023, 8:04:00 PM): Hi, (redacted). Sorry for late response. 
Ania (12/20/2023, 8:04:25 PM): Upon checking here on my end, your daughter already accepted the game, Beat saber. 
(redacted) (12/20/2023, 8:04:37 PM): I told you that. 
(redacted) (12/20/2023, 8:04:51 PM): wait, she accepted it as it installed it? 
(redacted) (12/20/2023, 8:05:11 PM): because on the headset it says pending 
Ania (12/20/2023, 8:05:24 PM): What I can suggest is to try restarting the headset and let me know the result. 
(redacted) (12/20/2023, 8:07:02 PM): trying 
Ania (12/20/2023, 8:07:17 PM): Great, I'll be waiting, (redacted). 
Ania (12/20/2023, 8:07:21 PM): Take your time. 
(redacted) (12/20/2023, 8:07:48 PM): still says request sent 
(redacted) (12/20/2023, 8:08:11 PM): on her phone under apps I do not see beat saber either 
Ania (12/20/2023, 8:08:52 PM): Oh, I see. 
Ania (12/20/2023, 8:09:53 PM): Upon checking here on our end, the game "Beat Saber" already redeemed under your daughters account. 
(redacted) (12/20/2023, 8:10:28 PM): so fix it 
(redacted) (12/20/2023, 8:10:46 PM): Its all your stuff 
Ania (12/20/2023, 8:13:45 PM): Would you mind if we transfer this conversation to email? I need to look more in to my resources. 
(redacted) (12/20/2023, 8:14:07 PM): okay. 
Ania (12/20/2023, 8:14:53 PM): I appreciate you for patiently understanding through out this conversation, you may now click the end chat. 
(redacted) (12/20/2023, 8:16:00 PM): I just tried on an iphone under my daughters account by the way.  so I have tried on both iphon and android and the beatsaber app still says request sent under both the app and headset.  So you can rule out the phone 
Ania (12/20/2023, 8:17:20 PM): Could you at least try checking the game in to the headset? 
(redacted) (12/20/2023, 8:17:30 PM): I told you I did 
(redacted) (12/20/2023, 8:17:56 PM): "still says request sent under both the app and headset.  So you can rule out the phone" 
(redacted) (12/20/2023, 8:18:48 PM): My family link shows I approved it 
(redacted) (12/20/2023, 8:19:47 PM): her account did not get the message according to the data that is populated by your server. the phone doesn't matter, the headset also says request sent. 
(redacted) (12/20/2023, 8:22:45 PM): I am frustrated and dissapointed.  Meta is wasting a lot of time.  google, apple, microsoft, amazon devices, you give them the money and the app installs without hours of troubleshooting, I usually get paid to work.  this type of basic quality issue is unheard of these days. 
Ania (12/20/2023, 8:23:07 PM): I understand that, (redacted). Thanks for clarifying your situation currently in. For clarification that I will tag your ticket as priority so that the team will process this right away. 
Ania (12/20/2023, 8:23:29 PM): Y 
(redacted) (12/20/2023, 8:23:33 PM): thank you.  will i get email updates and when? 
Ania (12/20/2023, 8:24:49 PM): Yes, (redacted). We will 
Ania (12/20/2023, 8:24:55 PM): Kindly check your email from time to time. 
(redacted) (12/20/2023, 8:24:58 PM): Thanks 
Ania (12/20/2023, 8:25:06 PM): Aside from that, will there be anything else I can assist you with? 
(redacted) (12/20/2023, 8:28:02 PM): no email yet 
Ania (12/20/2023, 8:28:27 PM): I will send an email right after this conversation end, (redacted). 
(redacted) (12/20/2023, 8:28:31 PM): I just don't wan't to start over.  beel through that before 
Ania (12/20/2023, 8:29:58 PM): Not to worry with that, (redacted). As I will be tagging this ticket as priority. 
(redacted) (12/20/2023, 8:30:32 PM): okay, thanks, 
Ania (12/20/2023, 8:31:10 PM): Thank you, as well, (redacted). 
Ania (12/20/2023, 8:31:11 PM): It was indeed a pleasure to be chatting with you today. Have a wonderful day! 
Then a few hours later, an email asking nonsense questions I answered already and no resolution:
Thank you for contacting Meta Store Support.
This is Ania, and I was the one who assisted you in our chat earlier. I am sending this follow-up email in order for us to help you further since our chat got disconnected. We appreciate your time, effort, and information that you have invested in us.
I understand that you are concerned regarding the game "Beat Saber" that can't be approved for your daughter's account. Don't worry, I'll help you sort this out.
In regards to your concern, may I confirm the following:
May I confirm where you approved your request?
Also, kindly try it on another browser and check if there's an option to allow it.
Also you may refer to this link Approve or block Meta Quest app download request for a child's Meta account
Please let us know if this resolves your concern.
I am eager to have this sorted out for you, so we'll keep an eye on your response. I look forward to hearing from you!
Meta Store Support
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I replied :
We talked all about this.
As you well know we reconnected after we disconnected hours ago and I gave you all you needed and told me it was escalated 
Now I need to repeat myself again: 
I approved it on my meta app as myself and it is showing as  approved on the family link site.  You know this. 
this is stalling by making the case pending customer so you don’t have to deal with it and management thinks all is well. You are doing that for you, not me.  
 This is simple.  My daughters account shows it as request sent on her headset, in the meta app under her name on android and iPhone. You should be able to see this on your side since the app is just a shell for the data on the server.  So you have it . 
Fix it please
Sent from my iPhone
As you can see, I paid and wasted hours already and no sign that anyone wants to help me after taking my money and not giving me the product.


Same issue, and no one from Meta is fixing it for me. An absolute shambles of an organisation. I might just return the equipment and get all my money back.


Considering doing the exact same.  1st account yesterday got blocked aswell as the date was wrong.  
had to create a new account for my son, only some games coming through. 

Hey there, @Data_Mesh, @cocopeanut2023, and @Mcaff83! We'd like to thank you all for bringing this to the community and sincerely appreciate your patience while we try to get everyone's issues and questions addressed. Please rest assured that we genuinely want to work with everyone as quickly as we can, and hope we are able to assist with getting any issues resolved! For the issues the three of you are describing we would need to look at information you wouldn't want to post in a public place, so would each of you please send us a private message? Just click on our profile name, or click here. Next, click "Send a Message" and we will see that message shortly! Please keep in mind, you must be signed into the community first to send private messages to us. We're hoping to hear from all of  you soon!

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