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Need help getting dash pinned windows to not cancel game sound

Level 3

Hi, wondering if anyone can help.

I have a dual pc setup with an internal elgato capture card on my stream pc. If I run oculus store games with my oculus linked to my game pc, the stream pc can get the game and sound just fine.
If I use dash to pin my twitch chat window in the game, the sound cuts out on the stream pc and plays in headset sound only - the capture card stops reading it. The video's fine - just no audio.
Obviously no problem with steam vr games and such, but I want to stream Oculus store games and I can't get sound and chat at the same time, so regular solutions for steam vr, like Liv, don't help this. Any solution ideas?


Meta Quest Support
Meta Quest Support

Hey there KatStorm, I hope this didn't happen in the middle of a stream! That'd kill your momentum for sure. I looked into this a bit (still am) but I'm not finding an exact answer just yet. Hopefully another community member can chime in on this one. A twitch forum or possibly a forum for the software you use for audio/streaming might have an answer already. If it's only happening when you pin your Twitch chat, then some software might be conflicting there. Hope someone can get you an answer soon. I'll keep looking on my end.

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