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Need to get a hold of an agent for my Brother to purchase Assassins Creed Nexus on Quest 3!


Topic says all, I either need someone to call me asap or get help. We tried. I made contact information so hoping someone can help us. It wont let my brother add his debit card and it wont let him purchase the game saying it's a Security problem, etc. I even tried to purchase it through his Quest 3 with his card through the headset and he even tried the Meta app too. Any suggestions? Need help imedidently! Could've been playing the game 4 hours ago! Its going on 6pm US Eastern Standard Time. Not waiting months just to get a hold of a rep to help us solve this issue. I'm on my brother's PC trying to help him purchase his game and try to get a hold of an agent that'll help fix his billing issue. It isn't his bank, he's got money in it. Otherwise it wouldn't work with his PS5, etc. If that makes sense, someone please respond! 😞



Hes even been in chat through a rep for 3 hours and they haven't fixed the problem, last time when I had problems they fixed it for me in a heart beat. Can someone please help us??? 😞



Don’t hold your breath. I have been waiting for over two weeks now for help with this issue. Some people have been waiting for a month. I doubt it will be fixed anytime soon. Btw how did you get to chat with a rep? I have only been able to send in support tickets. 
because of the scale and duration of this issue i am wondering if I should send back the quest 3. I don’t have a lot of trust in that they can solve it after all this time.

I believe there was someone writing about filing a class action against meta about this, but the issue got resolved for that person it seems.

I have a history of dealing with these people. I even had to make actual threats to the reps if I don't get any help which is sad. Not attack threats just threats like suing etc. I've delt with these clowns before too many times it's become stressful. Literally. I got my ticket. I waited three days now to see if they fixed the problem. Went to try to buy my brother's game. Nothing. He gave me permission to use his account too to help him. This is my account btw so I'm under mine speaking to you. He spent three hours talking to a rep. I sent two hours. It's like they don't care. 


Someone needs to step up to Meta. Find out what's going on apparently they don't give a s*it. All the reps do is show empathy and don't help. I'm sick of this. I'm sure I'm not the only one. Someone literally needs to start a first class action lawsuit because this is actually the kind of thing that'll start a lawsuit against Meta. We are customers. We should have the right to speak our opinions and demands. They aren't doing good as a company. If this keeps happening they will continue to lose costumers and go bankrupt and business won't look good for Zuck. Someone really needs to contact the Better Business bureau and the FTC about this matter too because this is becoming repetitive. Not trying to sound like a fukin Karen but Jesus. They do not freakin care! :'( my brother gave up he can't even buy games!!! He spent allot of money for the 125gb Quest 3 Unit. We have pics of the receipt from their site. I don't think they want to uphold their **bleep** and say hey we messed up we're sorry we'll get this fixed ASAP. That's how it SHOULD BE! I love the Headset don't get me wrong. It needs to be addressed. And if they start banning people for complaining. That's when hell will freeze over. If this continues. Someone PLEASE file a first class action lawsuit. If everyone in that post that someone sent me with all the complaints and no one gets it done. I think Meta needs to start answering to allot of lawyers soon. And I'm sure there are a bunch of Mom's and dads who aren't happy either.

Hey @SsjSora! Thanks for reaching out! We definitely understand the importance of being able to purchase the content you're interested in diving into—as that's the main reason for using our devices! We know the experience through our support channel hasn't been a pleasurable experience for you and your brother so far for getting that payment method on the account, so we'd love to help out! We're always looking for ways to improve the support we provide to our community, so we really appreciate your thorough feedback detailing your support experience!


We encourage you to reach out to us in a PM, so that we can take a look at your case to figure out what might be going on, and to see if we can't get you some sort of update on it.


Please select our name to get to our profile page, or click here! Next, click "Send a Message" to privately message us! Please remember, you must be signed into the community first to send us a private message. When you send us that private message, be sure to include your support case number, so we can take a look ASAP!

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Hey again, @SsjSora! Just following up to see if you still needed help with getting that payment method on your brother's account! We're still here and are more than happy to lend a hand, if needed.


If you do, please refer to the steps in our previous reply to reach out!

If you're the author of a thread, remember to mark a reply as the Accepted Solution to help others find answers!