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Need to get replacement for left controller why is support so hard to get

Level 2

I have submitted several tickets for the left controller thumb stick on my QUEST 2 and I get no response

I looked up serial number and I get it is eligible for replacement then underneath it says we cannot associate to your account. I spent three hours trying to get answers and NOTHING


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey there snugglerud, we hate hearing you've had to deal with this! We understand how inconvenient it can be trying to enjoy VR with one controller. No worries, lets work together to get this figured out!

For a better understanding could you provide us with a few more details:

  • What sort of issues are you having with your controller?
  • Are you experiencing this issue with both controllers?
  • When does this issue occur? Does it happen only in certain games? Does it happen in the Home environment or in menus?
  • Have you attempted any troubleshooting steps?

If you could please reach out to us with the requested information so we know which steps to take next.


The LEFT controller THUMBSTICK has CRACKED AND come off the controller. It works but cosmetically it is just a nub since the thumbstick has fallen off. Looking online I have found that it cant be replaced so I would like a new LEFT controller.

Thanks for getting back to us with that information! We'd love to help you get this issue resolved as quickly as possible as we know how troublesome a broken controller can be. Please reach out to our support team by clicking here so that we may assist you further. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

Hello I have done that and gone to support but when I put in the serial number of the left controller I get message "We weren't able to confirm this product is associated with your account." This is the controller that came with Oculus quest 2 when I bought it!

Thanks for updating us! We hate to see you're unable to process your controller for return, this is never the type of experience we want our users to face! You can reach out support team here to schedule a phone call, start a live chat, or reach out to us via email. Make sure you include photos of the controller battery bay, including the serial number so we can verify your device. We look forward to getting this resolved for you!

Level 2

Hello Where on that page can I schedule a call or start a live chat? This link brings me to exactly the same spot and I enter in serial number and get the same message I sent to you before.

No worries! We're happy to walk you through the process. Select Meta Quest 2 > Left controller > Thumbstick > Thumbstick unresponsive > This does not solve my issue. From there, you'll be able to contact our team!

Level 8

I noticed there is a $19 joystick controller repair kit on Amazon. Search for "Joystick Replacement Kit for Oculus Quest 2 Controller"

Thanks I will check it out! Many Thanks!!!!! 🙂