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New CV1 Wires dont turn headset on

Level 2

Okay so I managed to get two brand new wires off of ebay for my RIFT CV1. Now the problem is that they wont turn the headset on whatsoever. Orange light yeah but no white light indicating its going through. However if i connect it my laptops intergrated graphics which are far below what it needs it works fine. My laptop has a RXT 2060 GPU and i have to use a darn type c usb hub to connect to it. Which isnt too bad with the setup I have. But my old wire that causes static flashes and blackouts works perfectly fine. Is there something Im doing wrong??


Level 5

have the same issue orange light only with 3 different cables

just tried it with TPCast and same results orange light only and in devices in oculus - rift connected but No hdmi signal