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New D Link air bridge stopped working


I just started using the D link air bridge Monday and for the first few days it worked fine. I tried to use it today and I could not connect to the air bridge. The quest 2 attempted to connect and failed with no message. I went to the oculus app and it just said error on the air bridge. Next I did a factory reset on the air bridge and now it won't complete the setup. It jumps to 20%, then to 10%, then to 15%, and I hear the usb disconnect tone and the setup fails. A few seconds later I hear the usb connect tone. If I just leave the setup screen up it loops like this disconnecting and reconnecting until I stop it. It remains connected when outside the setup. Is there a way to fix this or am I looking at a return and replacement?



Since my last post I have only had to use the "uninstall device" procedure once. I did not have to reinstall the driver. It seems like most or all of these issues are fully solved now. However the network status trick is still necessary and improves functionality by a lot.

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Good stuff @Woogoo336, thanks for the update.  Mine still gets stuck sometimes, but I've got it to the point where I can get it to come back reliably via these steps:

  • Quit the Oculus app
  • Open the Device Manager (quick access: press Win+X , then press M)
  • Right click "D-Link DWA-F18 VR Air Bridge" (under Network Adapters) and click "Uninstall device"
  • Physically unplug the Air Bridge
  • Run the previously mentioned oculus-drivers.exe (I made a desktop shortcut...)
  • Plug the Air Bridge back in
  • Open the Oculus app and wait a little while for it to re-initialize

This only takes a couple of minutes, but I would agree with the previous poster that it shouldn't be this inconvenient.  However, the thing is great when it's working, and the stock vendor advice to RMA it is likely to result in a great deal of frustration as it's clearly a driver/firmware issue.

I will note a couple of other things in case anyone comes across this thread looking for clues:

  • My computer refuses to sleep for any length of time with the Air Bridge connected, even when it's instructed not to be allowed to wake the computer, so I generally keep it unplugged when I'm not actively using it.  This has also seemed to reduce the number of times it's stopped working, for some reason.

  • I was initially unable to get the Air Bridge to work reliably at all unless the PC was connected via ethernet.  It doesn't seem to be a bandwidth thing, I tested on two different PCs connecting via ethernet both direct to the router and to a cheap wireless bridge (TP-Link AC750) and it worked fine both ways. I assume the issue is something to do with Windows having to juggle two wifi adapters.  Ethernet connection for the PC is listed as a "best practice" by Meta/D-Link but in my case it was a requirement.

Interestingly I have been able to connect to online apps in VR since starting to use the Air Bridge, but I'm going to try the Network Sharing trick out of curiosity.

Thank you so much for this

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Meta is the worst thing that happend to humnanity, but D-Link is not a bad company, so here is a solution for you.

Plug in the device and set up the password let the set up finish in oculus software. Then on your headset connect to the AIR-LINK BRIDGE in wifi. Here is the FIX!!!! Forget Oculus and open Virtual Desktop and enjoy. Works everytime awesome device from D-Link. Metta just rebranded a d-link usb AP and didnt finish the software..

This will work 100% with Virtual desktop, it works flawlessly.


No its not D-Link its your software!!! Works perfectly with virtual desktop!! STOP BLAMING OTHER COMPANIES AND DO YOUR JOB AND FIX YOUR SOFTWARE.

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