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New Oculus Controller Drift with recent Firmware / App update (Affecting Quest and Rift)

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Hello Oculus forums, I believe this has been reported recently but I wanted to mention it here as well. There is an odd drift issue affecting multiple Oculus users I have encountered including myself, it is very common to see this show up at the moment. The reason why this is under the general support tag is because it is not just affecting the Rift S (though I am a Rift S user).

What exactly is the drift? 

There is a slight backwards motion in the left thumbstick that comes and goes intermittently. When the drift hits you will move slightly backwards for just about a half second, just a small input. This affects multiple users and is the same type of drift across the board - always a backwards motion. Sadly I can only provide anecdotal evidence as they would need to report it themselves, but I can at least say that the issue is common amongst a lot people using the Oculus software. I have spoken with Two Oculus Quest 2 users with the issue (one of them had a brand new quest 2), one other Rift S user, and One Quest (original) user all with the same problem. You simply walk backwards intermittently because the left stick drifts down for a little bit. This is not solved by replacing the batteries in your controller, as I do that often enough as is and the issue doesn't disappear. Every session I take out my batteries and keep them out of the rift controllers.

In SteamVR setups you can adjust the deadzone in the settings, and that has mitigated the issue somewhat, but considering the exact same type of drift is affecting so many people, all around the same time, I very firmly believe that there is a bug with the recent firmware patch or app. I myself take care of my controllers and they have worked perfectly for about two years now. If it were regular drift issues, I would understand as those come about from use over time and such and through other problems as well. 

However, given the fact that so many other sources are complaining about the same issue, I think it is safe to say there is a bug of some kind somewhere here. I am asking other users who encounter the issue to report it here and raise awareness but there is only so much that can be done after all.

Technical details: Oculus Rift S 
App version: Oculus app version (
(currently unsure of the firmware version exactly I can check later, but it is the very latest version that came out recently.) 


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I understand what you are going through. In my case the problem is with the joystick randomly going unresponsive or registering multiple inputs at the same time no matter the direction. A similar issue occurs with the trigger as well.


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Hi there, I recently got a quest 2 I've had it less than 5 days and it's already got the problem you mentioned now I removed the battery then it worked fine again then started doing it again. It's very unnoticeable as it's a small backwards movement for a split second but can still be quiet annoying. I've had controllers before since I also had an Xbox for around 4 years now and only experienced stick drift after a long time of using the controller (2 years roughly) so I am confused as to why it is doing this as I've taken care of them and ensure that my hands are clean before use and that the surface where the controller has been placed is clean. 

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I also have the same problem you mention, I just bought the quest2 and I was playing with version V36 and everything was fine, I found that I could update to version V41 and quite apart from that now I have lags and stutters in the menu too my left controller now drifts down which it didn't have before upgrading to the new version. The strangest thing is that it doesn't seem like a hardware failure because the drift appears and disappears out of nowhere for a while randomly, I can spend a good time without the drift and out of nowhere it comes back and stays that way.
I tried to calibrate it but it helps only when the drift appears, because there comes a time when the controller has no drift again and the calibration itself makes it not work well having calibrated it for when it had drift. It should be said that every time I calibrate the left controller, the right one drifts upwards and goes from the left controller to the right repeatedly randomly (although it persists more on the left one) I haven't used quest 2 for even a month and I have all these problems that do not let me play well.....
So I don't think it's a hardware malfunction.

Hey there KiraHir0! 


We see you're having an issue with your left controller drifting and lagging in the menu and we know how that can negatively impact your gaming! We have a few tricks that typically fixes that issue:


  • Restarting the Quest 2 Headset
  • Remove the battery from the controller for 30 minutes and then re-insert the battery
  • Try a new known working battery
  • Un-pair and re-pair the controllers

If after you try these steps and you're still experiencing these issue, please reach back out to us in a private message so we can continue with helping you get this resolved and back to gaming! 


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