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New forum layout is broken on iPad

Honored Guest
Just checking in here for the first time in a while. Using iPad (iOS 8). All list-view pages are garbled, text is overlapping the divider lines between rows. Also a Lot is spacing seems generally more cramped than it should be.

Probably the custom CSS has some over-zealous overrides that are breaking the layouts. I visit a number of other phpBB and vBulletin forums (I assume one of these is being used) and don't get similar layout issues on iPads, although most of them are using the default theme with very small customisations.

Cybereality has already reported similar issues to the Web Devs.

Refreshing the page multiple times seemed to fix it for some reason.
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"opamp" wrote:
Refreshing the page multiple times seemed to fix it for some reason.

Thanks for the tip, was seeing this problem on my PC too.
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Grand Champion
Should be fixed now.
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Yup, seems to be fixed now.