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No MTP notification even when enabled.

Heroic Explorer

Well, headset just updated to v59. The option for "MTP Notification" is enabled but no notification appears when connecting USB (official Link cable). MTP can be established with ADB commands at which time file transfers via Windows UI is possible.

Of course Meta's response will be to do a factory reset. These have always been a complete waste of time and solved nothing.



Honored Guest

I am experiencing the same problem since today. Is there a way to check when my device was upgraded to latest version?

EDIT: I just discovered that my headset had entered DND mode (do not disturb) which failed the notification to pop up. I don't know if this is due to the update or if I somehow managed to trigger it myself by accident..

Do Not Disturb is disabled. No notification.

Do Not Disturb was enabled after the update but I disabled it before testing the MTP connection. The USB connection dialog stopped popping up on v57 for me and the Developer setting to enable the USB connection dialog was removed on my headset. I was hoping this would be fixed in v59 but no. The MTP notification setting is there but no notification appears.

As usual, it will probably take Meta at least three version updates (v62+) to fix this, if ever.

Honored Guest

I had the same issue. I had to use adb command adb shell svc usb setFunctions mtp  as a solution. I played around with the other settings to see how they act. The answer is "with zero logic!" for example even if you disable oculus link, you still get a popup to use it when you connect. I wish Meta starts taking care of such issues soon.

Heroic Explorer

Put the Quest 2 on yesterday morning, message saying there is an update and to restart to apply. Check the App Library and notifications which doesn't show any app updates. Restart the headset in hopes the update will fix the lack of MTP notification. Nope. Just have to wait another six months I guess.

Hey there, @NomadsAnIsland. While we know factory resets can seem scary or annoying to perform, they are actually best for clearing possible glitches or allowing updates to reflect on the device if not seen. With this concern, we do recommend completing a factory reset as well as reinstalling the PCVR app. Prior to doing so, please make sure your Cloud Backup is up-to-date to save as much game data as possible. Of course, if there are any issues, do let us know! We want to make sure you're all set! 

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@MetaQuestSupport  I understand that factory reset seems to fix everything. For example on my Quest-1, it was the only thing that fixed my tracking, but also I also ALL progress on so many games. Cloud backup is only supported by few games. BTW, the problem with the MTP affects both my Quest-2 & Quest-3. However, I use the adb command to bypass this.

Hey @Synthercat! We truly appreciate you taking the time to share what has worked for you! Hopefully it'll also work for everyone else in the community who runs into this issue! In the meantime, we'll pass this along to our team for their review to hopefully see changes in future updates. We definitely want to make sure those hours on hours spent in VR are saved, as they hold so much value and your achievements. 

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As anticipated a factory reset solved absolutely nothing except lose all my Move statistics, some state settings of apps and waste 60+ hours to reload my apps and experiences (slow Internet). And thankfully I am not hit with the large/many file USB transfer bug plaguing many users (after 6+ months) and I can still reload my 167 GB of videos with the Link Cable via ADB.

I should have waited to see if the v60 update would fix the problem.

Heroic Explorer

Update to v60 did not solve the problem either. Thankfully I am still able to use MTP transfers with ADB.

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