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No update of V55 showing up yet on Quest 2!

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It’s been 3 days since V55 is released for Quest 2, but I am not getting any update.

Tried 100% charging, doesn’t works actually.

My current version is V54. And I never encountered such problem previously.



I know it isn't just me, but the week of June 21st is over. So where is V55. I for one bought my second quest 2 a few day ago in replace of my 3 year old one. Since the newer versions of the headset are slightly modified and more up to date, then where is the update. I seem to still be stuck in V54 which I'm not quite happy about. I was so hyped for new performance, graphics, and features. Does anyone know if I have to manually update it? Do I need to go to the "factory reset menu" and reboot the headset for the update to come in? If anyone at all knows how to make this work, that would be amazing. Please help me Oculus (now meta) devs.  🙂

V55 is not the magic bullet to "improve" quest 2.  Just because they unlocked more GPU/cpu potential the developers need to patch the apps to take advantage of that uplift.  As with any firmware update it can take up to 3 weeks for all regions to roll out because they don't want to crash the servers.  If you're impatient the v55 patch is on reddit and you can manually update via the boot menu.  But I don't recommend that, as with any firmware update they might roll it back if there is a bug.

Just a reminder that factory reset doesn't trigger a firmware update if that region server is still at an old version

v55 won't fix any of your problems if you're having any though sadly.

Hey there @ClarkimusM4x, we see you are wanting to update to v55. We know that not having the latest update can be inconvenient, and we understand how much you were anticipating this update on your new headset.


We do want to let you know that @PITTCANNA was correct with the update, as they are being slowly rolled out for our users. A factory reset won't make them roll out any faster to your device.


You can check out our release notes in the meantime to review what's coming in this new update!


We hope this information was helpful!

If you're the author of a thread, remember to mark a reply as the Accepted Solution to help others find answers!

I know, I didn't say factory reset, I said the menu where you do that stuff. I'm talking about rebooting the headset

Never had problems, I'm just excited about meta finally pushing the quest 2's limits

I understand all of this, and I mean rebooting it, I never recall saying factory resetting it. It's just semi-annoying when it was going to what I recall a developer saying,"It should start rolling out the week of June 21st". I'm just wanting to know why it's taking so long since it has been a week now, but thanks anyway. Honestly I was a little passed before but it's OK, I'm just happy you guys even considered upgrading the gpu and cpu at all. 🙂

Typos are in there btw sorry

Is there anyway to force it without joining to ptc? I don't know anyone that I play with that has the update after a week and a half.

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