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Non responding headset - factory reset didn't help

Level 2
My Oculus Quest 2 stopped working.
Yesterday I updated the latest Meta update for Oculus and after that, it worked fine.
After 30 minutes approximately, after I put down the headset for a minute of break, when I put it back up on my head, it was stuck on the login page waiting to insert the PIN. It was just stuck on it, no matter what I did - power off, waiting for the battery to be finished, boot, nothing helped.
So - I did a factory reset. Now when I put my headset on, I just hear the very initial page (when you first turn on the oculus) background music, but see a black screen.
I’m afraid that my headset is dead. When I try adjusting the volume or press the oculus button on the controller, it does show a reaction on the screen accordingly. But I don’t see anything else. When I press the power button to turn it off, it does show the ‘powering off’ screen and the initial page for a second.
*Both when it was stuck on the login page, and now, the controllers are vibrating for some reason 3 times in a row every 5 seconds~.
*I did try to do a factory reset over and over again. Nothing changes.
Any ideas?

Community Manager
Community Manager

Oh-oh! This is not the experience we want you to have regarding your VR device and want to get you to the correct place. That way we can have you back in the VR world with us once again. We know the time this is taking away from being able to enjoy your amazing games and be in the VR universe. We appreciate you letting us know the steps you have done already and which is why we want to invite you to our Meta Store Support. You can click here to get connected with one of our awesome agents through a live chat or even scheduling a call with them! Please also provide them the information you have done so far that way they know the steps you have done already.


We can't wait to see you back in the VR world once again and get connected!