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Not Able to install an app


I'm trying to get, download, and install the app "Steam Link" but whenever I go to the shop page it just shows a loading circle where the get/download/install button is supposed to be. In the phone app, it says it's purchased but I am unable to install it or launch it from there. I am using the Meta Quest 2. 

Already did a factory reset and searched for any headset updates. I have been able to get/download/install other apps as well, but not this one. Please help!



Have you tried to install from headset?

If your phone app said it's purchased it should be shown up in your headset library.

Yes, I have, but it doesn't show up in my library on the headset or on the phone app. But, when I go to the store page, it says I've purchased it. 

In my Library, the app is not there, both in the installed and not installed sections. However, I know it at least partially installed because when I go to notification settings, it says I can turn on notifications for Steam Link


Some user reported about very slow download speed recently.

So, maybe you have the loading circle because it's still downloading/installing....even though it's not a big file.

Maybe you should wait a little longer.

I appreciate the input! Thanks for helping, but I really think that something just messed up and I can't get the app now. It won't show up in any of my libraries but shows I own it in the store, so something definitely just got bugged out.

You might be right with some sort of bug.

I downloaded the app a few days ago and it worked without issue at that time.

You can open a support ticket 

I hope they can help you

Well, I tried chatting with a representative and they told me it's Steam's fault. Even though I know it isn't. So I'm going to try a solution that I worked out by myself and ran by the representative to double check that it could work

Meta Quest Support
Meta Quest Support

Hey there! If you're having issues downloading apps through our Meta app yes please stay connected with your agent. However, if you're trying to download something within Steam you will need to get connected with them regarding this experience you're having. 

We are all mad here.