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(Not Resolved) Known Issue - Quest PCVR streaming micro lags and stutter esp. when moving head


Hi team,

I'm getting micro lags and stutter in Airlink on my Quest 3 (EU/UK), esp. when moving my head. In the Oculus debug overlay this causes brief spikes in transmit/decode, fps drops and visible stuttering. The issue is not present on my Quest Pro with otherwise identical settings - see below screenshots to illustrate.

Few more details:
- Issue is not present on Quest Pro with same settings on HMD, router and PC (using same res)
- Issue is worse at higher bitrates, esp. >200mbps, but still present <200mbps
- Issue is unrelated to PC/game latencies (CPU, GPU, Queue each <5ms)
- Stutters/lags are intermittent (every 10-20 seconds) when not moving but happen immediately and reproducibly when moving the head to either side or especially looking downwards (i.e. on any bigger headset movements)
- Wifi 6E router (TP Link AXE75 EU/UK)
- EDIT: exact same issue with Asus RT-AXE7800 (EU/UK) wifi 6e router
- Connection shows as 2,400mbps
- Airlink codec H264 (but same on other codecs)
- I've attempted factory resetting, installing latest drivers
- Updated to v62 and latest Quest Link desktop version (I can see the 120hz option for my Q3)
- EDIT: Ordered a separate Quest 3 for testing: presents the exact same issue

-EDIT: Same issue on 5ghz 802.11ax 160mhz BUT switching to 802.11ac (!) completely fixed the issue. I cant test this on 6ghz but looks like 802.11ax or something related to how q3 implements it is the culprit

As the issue is worse the higher the bitrate and not present on Q Pro with otherwise same settings, I suspect it's related to the below known Wifi issues - but opening a new thread as instructed.


- Tried separate router: exact same issue with Asus RT-AXE7800 wifi 6e router
- Ordered a separate Quest 3: exact same issue on both routers

-Same issue on 5ghz 802.11ax 160mhz BUT switching to 802.11ac (!) completely fixed the issue. I cant test this on 6ghz but looks like 802.11ax or something related to how q3 implements it is the culprit

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I do not use a VPN and im set to run at 90Hz which is the same on virtual desktop as the oculus app and the issue is still there so thats not the problem


After trying all sorts of things over the last couple of days I might have found an acceptable solution. I disabled "802.11ax / WiFi 6 mode" on my router. Transmission speed is lowered from 1200mbps to 866mbps but almost all the stuttering is gone. Some stuttering here and there but it is acceptable. In ODT I'm using a fixed encode bitrate of 350 but found that 300 is slightly better. Going up to 500 made the stutter more frequent.


Quick update: purchased and tried with Asus RT-AXE7800 (wifi 6e router) - exact same issue unfortunately.

fyi I have few people across my Discord and Reddit channels also very much still getting this issue.

@FunkyTanuki@TheAntiSocializer any advice or feedback here? Appreciate any help! 🙂

Honored Guest

I think that I have the same problem.

I am having a lot of frequent stuttering both in Air Link and Steam Link connected wirelessly to my PC on my Meta Quest 3. This happens on every game, and even on the Steam VR dashboard. It also happens no matter what bitrate I use, although perhaps it happens a bit more frequently at higher bitrates.

My PC has a Ryzen 5950X CPU, a RTX 3080 GPU and 32 GB of RAM. I have it plugged to the 2.5G port (I also tried the 1G port) of my dedicated router, a Asus RT-AX86U Pro. This router is then plugged to my internet router using the WLAN port.

I have tried Channel bandwidth of both 80 Mhz and 160 Mhz, and also setting the Wireless Mode to AX only (by default it's Auto).

When I am in game, if I look at Steam's performance overlay it doesn't seem to be dropping frames, and seems to be rendering more than adequate framerate all the time, even when I get stuttering. In the Meta Quest Wifi settings, I can see that the bitrate is 1200 Mbps when Channel bandwidth is set to 80 MHz, and 2400Mbps when it's set to 160 MHz. It also says that the signal is excellent (my router is just a 2-3 meters away from the center of my playspace).

Although I experience a little bit of stuttering from time to time when I play standalone on the Quest 3, it's nothing compared to the constant stuttering of Air Link and Steam Link.

I checked for WiFi congestion in my area with WiFi Analyzer and there isn't many people using 5GHz around me, the channel that I am using is completely free. My signal quality is excellent 

Do you have any suggestions?

Thanks! 🙂

Honored Guest

I changed a setting in my router configuration that seems to have reduced a little the stuttering, it still happens but less frequently.

The setting I changed is 802.11ax / WiFi 6 mode set to Disable.

I still have some stuttering though, I recored my Steam Link graph that shows some big latency spikes some times:

My quest is apparently in v60 though, but it doesn't detect any updates?

I have enabled this option in my router and I do not have stutters. Looks like V62 version fixed previous problems, but brings new one for some routers.

Here are my settings. Maybe it will help somone. I cut it to 2 pictures, because forum code shrinks pictures





Which setting did you change vs default?

Don't remember now. I post my actual settings for reference - I have no lags over WiFi.


Jens (and others), have you had a chance yet to check whether v62 fixes this issue for you at all? v62 appears to be available for many in PTC as of today.

I just downloaded the update and tested it, I'm still getting issues.

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