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Not able to access into Dance Central VR on Quest 2

Level 2

Hi, I’m Michelle. I have been using Oculus quest 2 & recently I have a problem which is not able to go to multiplayer section on the dance central VR app so I’ve tried to link my meta account to epic game account but it still didn’t work. Then, I uninstalled the game & installed it again but now it doesn’t let me to access into the game anymore. I



felt so disappointed bc this is one of my favorite game & it became harder for me to enjoy playing the game for making me connect the Acct to other then now I couldn’t access into the game bc I have uninstalled it even though I downloaded it again from the head set. I’ve tried to restart my headset & internet but nothing is working at all. Pls help me. I felt so down now. Thanks!!! 


Level 3

I am also facing similar issue on my stand lone quest 2 and it happened after the latest update!  Seems like Harmonix might have f-up the Epic Games - Meta Quest 2 account integration for the standalone version 😢

Level 2

Yeah, I understand your feeling too. The most frustrating part is we paid for the app but they made us do what they want when they sales their company to Epic game then we couldn’t go to the online MP section. If you tried to uninstalled the app, it won’t let you access back your game again. This is the most dumb mistake I ever made. Other app is ok but only Dance central is causing us lot of troubles.