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Not able to add payment

Honored Guest

Hi. I am trying to add a payment method on the quest 3. It’s not allowing me to do that.


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi, Jessicabryan19 We would be happy to assist you in setting up a payment method on your account. We would recommend taking these steps if you haven't already. Note that this problem might be caused by certain non-residential networks, as well as by specific network security settings.

  1. Try to add a payment method to the account from the Meta Quest mobile app
    1. If not successful via the App, try by logging into the Meta account website and navigating to Other Settings > Payment Methods.
    2. If not successful, try using a different browser.
  2. Try adding the payment method from another device completely (another computer, phone, or tablet.)
  3. Try adding the payment method from within virtual reality by using the headset.
  4. Try adding the payment method while connected to a different network (another Wi-Fi network or a cellular data connection on a phone, if available).

We sincerely hope you find this useful and have an amazing day!

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