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Not receiving SMS for casting

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I'm trying to do the casting but I don't receive the sms... the number inserted is corrected


Meta Quest Support
Meta Quest Support

Hey hey @FFINDERmrx! I know casting is a key feature for sharing your VR experience with others, and I'm happy to help you get this figured out.

You should not need to receive a SMS message or code in order to cast from your headset. I'd suggest checking out this article for how to cast with Meta Quest. That page has all the info you need for getting started with casting!

If you're running into any hiccups along the way, could you post a screenshot of where you're getting stuck? Then I'll be able to keep helping you get it working right. 

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Hi, thanks for your answer. Actually it does, when you go to you have to be logged, and when my colleagues try to log in there is a first code that arrives in the email and a second one that is shared via sms. And I don't receive any sms.

Always happy to help! Thank you for clarifying when exactly this happens. It sounds like you may just be having an issue with your login itself as opposed to specifically with casting. 

I believe it sounds like you're having issues with two-factor authentication for your account. If you're able to log in to your account normally when not trying to cast, you may want to try turning off your two-factor authentication.

If you can't log in at all due to this, or if it's still having you confirm a code over SMS that you aren't getting, I'd recommend reaching out to @MetaQuestSupport in a private message so they can take a look into your account and see what's going on.

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