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Not resolved - Casting to browser: Missing Options & Distorted Audio

Honored Guest
Yesterday, streaming to the Google Chrome web browser is blocked in widescreen mode, with no possibility of switching to 4:3 mode as before today. What's more, the audio quality is suddenly very poor.
I reset my quest 3 and all options were present and back. No more sound problems. I turned off the headset which told me that it would perform an update before extienction and now, I have again the same result (no more choice between 4:3 and 16:9, no more microphone option and a very bad sound quality). This bug is only present on cast to browser, I don't have any problem on chromecast (sound offset but this bug has been present for years now and known on the meta side).
option after reset :

option after shutdown and update :



For an overview of the sound quality, see the video of itsthedon, which also has the same bug: 



Is anyone else experiencing this problem? Could you remedy it, and if so, how?
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I've been having similar issues too with streaming since late March?/early April and figured it was possibly some one-time bug or downgrade for those still using the Quest 2. The only options I now have when casting are the volume slider and fullscreen and nothing else, and the audio and stream quality have dropped drastically to a degree that's unfit for streaming to friends or anyone else.

Hi! so, I noticed that in the casting page, it was always default to a square resolution, but now, it's been switched to a widescreen resolution without the option to crop it.

I always wondered why the square resolution was there by default, but now I miss it. Is there a way to change it into my Meta Quest 2 settings? Or, will this mean that the developers behind the casting page will not bring it back again?

If anybody has any information regarding the change or any future updates, I'd love to know, since I want to go back to the square resolution.

if your problem isn’t exactly as the one stated in this post we don’t hace an answer for you since we don’t have an answer to the original problem. 

you can try creating you own post. 🙂


Still same issue,going on 2 months now and no word from Meta looking to fix it. 

Does anyone know another way to cast onto pc using OBS to steam to twitch and get video, game sound and mic working correctly?

Any help would be appreciated

Thank you for the update, Legend.

The MQ3 MUST be able to cast at 1:1 aspect ratio and should be the default over 16:9 or 4:3.  Otherwise, observers cannot participate fully in what the operator is doing for a lack of vision - at 16:9 we can't see what their hands are doing!

This makes participating in quest and puzzle games (Moss,  Wallace/Gromit, Hand Physics Lab, etc.) not at all enjoyable for a group.

I am dismayed. It is obvious from the dozens of threads I have read that this change was rolled out without any serious testing.  You cannot even see the universal menu in the cast window without adjustment; how did that get by QA?  Sorry.  Rhetorical question. And enough ranting.

What I think all of us need to have answered is:

- When can we expect it to be resolved and

- What work-arounds are available to us until such time?

Thank you.


yepp having this same issue, if you try mentioning that they've removed the microphone and sound separation options on casting they just... ignore you?? its really weird, idk why RUIN a service like this but you know what whatever

Are you **bleep**ing serious?? What is going on at facebook rn 😂

Theres an app on windows called Air Reciever. its 2.99, I'm using the free trial so far and the casting quality is stellar, but no audio. I WISH  I could use normal casting to get audio, but guess what they decided to remove the togglable mic option so its still crap

3 weeks ago 😂

You guys arent fixing **bleep**, you just want this to be the new norm of quest casting.


Is there a way to use AirReceiver with audio? I tried to use this app and the casting quality was amazing however with no audio. Thanks


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