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OCULUS30 Promo code

Level 2


I hope all of you are fine.

I have received a an OCULUS30 Promo code by e-mail a few days ago, which shall be expiring tomorrow. I intend to purchase Moss: Book 2, which normally is £29.99. When I apply the above promo code the overall amount reads £20.99 on the check out page, but when it comes to have my bank's confirmation, the amount still appears as £29.99!

As far as I have realised this is quite a common problem many users have.


I have an Oculus Quest 2 128GB, have successfully used promo codes before, but not this time.


I would appreciate to have your assistance.

Thank you in advance.





Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey there! We know it can be discouraging to seem like you're paying full price for a game that had the discount added. We'd love to provide some insight!


We do want to share. Since it does show the discounted price before purchase, it can take a couple of days to reflect properly within your bank statement. 


If you purchase the game and it still shows as full price in your statement after 4-5 days, don't hesitate to make a support ticket where we can take a further dive into the issue for you!