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OQ 2 Stuck on boot logo

Level 2

My oculus quest 2 stuck on boot logo, update via ADB or factory reset reports an error изображение_2022-08-15_203043854.pngизображение_2022-08-15_203053503.pngизображение_2022-08-15_203102542.pngизображение_2022-08-15_203111104.png


Meta Quest Support
Meta Quest Support

@Mirai_Kira Does the 'No command' happen with the factory reset? When it does happen, you can test out holding the power button for roughly 45-60 seconds to see if that brings it back to life. 


 Have you potentially tried connecting the headset to a PC with the Oculus Home app installed?

holding the power button for roughly 45-60 seconds didn't help.
Oculus Home doesn't see the headset(

Ach, your best bet could be to reach out to the support team instead. 


They should be able to get you set right up.