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Occulus Pro controller bricked during update


I just turned on my occulus pro and it forced me to update the device and the pro controllers. Both the controller had a glitch during update and caused occulus pro to reboot. After reboot the left controller went through another update and was successfully recovered. However the right controller is stuck on a white light. Occulus complains it is not connected. I tried rebooting the controller and follow the instructions to repair. It is just stuck. Anyone else seen this issue? Any steps to fix this

the firmware version of left controller is 1.32.2. I am assuming that is the version on right one too.


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey there @yaaaaaaaaaay, controllers working as expected is a rather important part of your VR experience, and we would love to help you out with this however we can! It seems like you are having some issues with the controller being stuck updating/being unable to update. No worries, we would like to suggest a quick Factory Reset for the controller itself, please give this a try and let us know how it goes for the right controller:

  1. Hold the A and Oculus buttons until the LED begins flashing red/white.
  2. Release the buttons immediately after the LED begins blinking red/white.
  3. Perform a manual pairing and check if controller LED would flash blue and white to signal pairing state.
  4. Once paired, controllers may take a while to update and stay unresponsive until they finish, and LED would be purple during the update.
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I did a factory reset and it became worse. It is now showing me 2 lights . one white on all the time, and second blinking blue and pink. I tried pairing it and left it in that state for an hour and its stuck.

Please help. The product is Quest Pro. It was working fine, till I got a forced update and everything went south from that point onwards.


Thank you for giving that a shot @yaaaaaaaaaay, please ensure you plug in the controller and charge it for at least 2 hours, if the controller battery is low it can start all sorts of issues with updating and connections. We also wanted to ask if you are using any third party attachments, such as controller covers? In any case, once you have charged your right controller for 2 hours, let it sit for a few minutes to update as needed, and if nothing changes after a bit give it another Factory Reset while we know it is mostly fully charged to ensure there are not power related issues.

If you still have issues after that, please send us a message directly with any new information and we would love to look into this further!

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Hello! I've had the same problem, and it just started last night for me. As I can see you've had this a little bit ago- It's stuck pairing and it won't actually connect.
Am I able to know what you possibly did to fix it? If you did at all? I would immediately contact Meta to try and get it solved but I'm willing to try and ask you first! 

Hello, hello, @Bi0_Hizard! We're very glad to see you've sent us a PM and we're eager to dig further into what's going on with your right controller! Please get back to our message when you get a chance and we can continue from there! 

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