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Oculus 2 Replaced Under Warrany

Level 2

Received my refurb headset refurb over a week ago. Can't get past controller pairing screen. Support says it is a global issue and will be fixed shortly. It has been over a week for me and I see others for more than 2 weeks. If it is taking more than 24 hours to fix a known issue then you are not really working on it and just feeding people BS. 


Level 2

I am having a similar issue.  I had the initial headset that I purchased replaced (it was less than a year old) and the replacement sent does not synch with the controllers or my app.  I have a MAC and not a PC.  I have had numerous chats with customer support and was basically told to wait until a fix is done by engineers for MAC.  it's been a month since I have received the replacement headset and it still does not work!  I am very frustrated!